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Venenentzündung, Phlebitis, Thrombophlebitis

Thrombophlebitis is generally found in the legs, but can occur in the hands or arms due to Reine unteren Extremitäten Behandlung trophischen Geschwüren in einem Krankenhaus Forschungen insertion.

Thrombophlebitis can be of two types; superficial thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis. When the clot forms in the veins, which are near the surface of the skin, it is known as see more thrombophlebitis.

Superficial thrombophlebitis usually does not cause significant complications, but a deep vein thrombosis can cause serious complications if Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention clots travel to the lungs and block the pulmonary artery, which carries deoxygenated blood to the heart to be purified. This condition is known pulmonary embolism.

In most cases of deep vein thrombosis, there are no related symptoms at all. Patients usually see a physician with Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention of chest pain or shortness of breath caused by pulmonary embolism resulting from thrombophlebitis.

In other cases, the symptoms include pain, warmth, tenderness, swelling, and redness just as in superficial thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis is caused due to blood clots. Blood clots form when the blood is not able to circulate as it should. It could be due to an external cause like injury or due to some hereditary blood clotting disorder like factor V Leiden. There are risk factors that increase the possibility of acquiring thrombophlebitis. Some of them are listed below.

The more risk factors you have, the more likely you will have thrombophlebitis. Some cases of thrombophlebitis can be prevented by simply eliminating as much of the risk factors as possible. For example, if you quit smoking, it reduces your risk of thrombophlebitis. Similarly, when sitting on a long flight, take hourly walks in the isle, drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, and wear lose clothing especially around the waist.

This helps prevent swelling of ankles and calves and reduces the risk of clot formation. A long car ride can Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention be a risk factor. Stop the car every hour to get out and take a walk around. Those with increased risk of deep vein thrombosis should consult their physicians before going for Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention flights or long drives.

The doctor may suggest wearing compression stockings or prescribe blood Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention medication Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention aspirin to take right before leaving on your trip.

The primary checkup done by the physician to diagnose thrombophlebitis includes checking of blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and skin condition. These tests include Doppler ultrasound, MRI magnetic resonance imagingCT computerized tomography scan, venography, extremity arteriography, or blood coagulation studies. Complications link superficial thrombophlebitis are rare while complications from deep vein thrombosis can range from mild to severe.

This complication arises in patients with congenital heart diseases like patent foramen ovale, atrial septal defect, or ventricular septal defect. Some self-care practices along with medical treatment can improve some of the symptoms and speed up the healing process.

Depending on the severity, self-care measures include: For superficial thrombophlebitis, elevating Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention affected leg and applying heat with a warm washcloth can bring considerable relief.

For deep vein thrombosis, wearing support stockings and elevating the affected leg, if swollen, can help. Over-the-counter NSAIDs are usually helpful in case of superficial thrombophlebitis, but for deep vein thrombosis, the patient may need an injection of Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention anticoagulant like heparin to the blood.

This should be followed by taking warfarin for several months to keep the clot from getting bigger. These medications should be taken under the guidance of a doctor, since warfarin has many side effects and can be dangerous if not taken as prescribed. Supports stockings or Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention support hose are often prescribed to prevent swelling and reduce the complications of deep vein thrombosis.

The blood clots formed in thrombophlebitis may move to the lungs and get lodged, which can be fatal. To prevent this, a permanent filter can be placed in the vena cava, the main vein of the abdomen.

This is done for people who cannot take blood thinners. One of the complications from thrombophlebitis is varicose veins. Varicose vein stripping Thrombophlebitis Behandlung und Prävention a procedure to remove the problematic vein through a small incision in the skin.

This is mainly done for cosmetic reasons. Surgery is done to remove blood clots from the veins either in the wie Behandlung Wunden Lymphostase or pelvis. A bypass can be done in cases of persistent clots.

A nonsurgical procedure, called angioplasty, may be an alternative to bypass. In this procedure, the vein is opened and a small stent is placed in to keep the vein open.

The following diet changes can help prevent or reduce the intensity of thrombophlebitis. Very informative and useful article. I wear compression stockings, which while wearing make your legs feel click the following article if you are having a massage.

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How To Know If You Have Phlebitis - A Guide to Signs and Symptoms

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